We are

Flawless is a legal and business consultancy with a focus on the creative, start-up and tech industry and all aspects related to running a successful business no matter the service or product you offer.

Coming from both a legal and entrepreneurial background ourselves, we understand the need for direct yet considerate, and proficient yet understandable solutions. We understand you want to focus on things other than endless legal paperwork.

Flawless is not a law firm. We're not your lawyer in a three-piece suit to solve your problems when you get arrested. Instead we focus on custom tailor-made solutions to get your business up-and-running and prevent problems in the first place.

We witnessed that the creative industry favours a multidisciplinary approach over traditional methods. In our years of experience in the start-up scene, the festival and event business, the businesses we set up ourselves and the numerous discussions and mediations between private parties and official instances have led us to create a unique approach to problem prevention rather than problem solving which lies at the core of Flawless. That's what we believe ›

About Dorian

Dorian Andrzejewski graduated in the Master European Union Law in the summer of 2014, but long before getting his diploma he was already resolving legal-related issues for his friends.

Already having been part of multiple companies in the creative sector in Amsterdam, Dorian was the go-to person for people in his network for everything legal and business related.

Having first-hand experience with nearly everything that can go wrong (and everything that can go well) with companies, he took a new approach to setting up businesses: fix it before the problem arises. All of this in comprehensible Dutch or English.

On that note, Dorian still doesn't know how to tie a tie. That's partly the reason for not wearing three piece suits.